Site is live

Last update on Jan. 26, 2014.

This site is now operational and you can send messages out with it. The old site will still function for a few more days but there's no reason not to use this one. Register and then log in to send a message.

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Welcome to the new site.

Last update on Jan. 24, 2014.

This is the new site which I was asked to build for the whole Battalion. For us on 2nd Street not much will be different from the old one. You can log in and send a message to our guys, and there are some improvements to that (no more messages that show up as a weird file on your phone, no more messages that you can't tell who sent them, et cetera). Right now this site is hooked up to a test harness, so if you send a message out, it won't actually go anywhere. That means you can play with it without bothering anyone; once you are registered and logged in you can check out the sidebar on the right that allows you to send messages and write posts. You will also be able to do this from your phone without logging in to the site; I'll cover that in another post.

Here is a link to the old site so you can still send messages out during the transition.

In the next few days I will take this site live and you can start using it too. In a week or so, I'll disable the old site and we'll all be here. Please register for this site right now; you can't send messages or see private in-house posts until you do.

One more thing: I put a lot of work in to this thing but there are still bound to be bugs. I'm asking everyone to help me shake them out before I ship this thing to the rest of the battalion. If you get an error screen, copy and paste it into an email to me. If the site or the messages on the phone do something unexpected, email me and tell me what happened. Thanks.

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